Revorama: Diorama for your Revoltech Mechas!

Revoltech Arc Gurren VS Mugann in between earth and moon

Along with June Revoltech relaunch, Union-Creative International is distributing the free Revorama (Revoltech Diorama) papercraft (in PDF format) for Revoltech collectors! I found out from friend that there is a new Revorama release along with the Revoltech Arc Gurren Lagann, which is a space background with earth & moon, and a huge Mugann (anti spirals)!! There are another 2 Revoramas, 3rd Tokyo City for EVA series and Dai Gurren with volcano background for Gurren Lagann series.

Mugann and space background

Mugann, the anti spiral and the space background

What a huge Mugann O_o

Revoltech Arc Gurren VS Mugann in between earth and moon

Arc Gurren Lagann VS Mugann. Go Arc Gurren Lagann, Burst Spinning Punch!!

3rd Tokyo City

Revorama 3rd Tokyo City for Revoltech EVA series

The city view with the weapon container

Revoltech EVA 01 with Revorama 3rd Tokyo City

Revoltech EVA 01 in action!

Dai Gurren with volcano background

Revorama Dai Gurren with volcano background for Revoltech

Dai Gurren is pretty big, easily fits 2 – 3 Revoltech Mechas. Maybe I should do a Gurren VS Enki scene with this.

Where can I get the Revorama?

If you are looking for diorama / background for your Revoltech, please click here to visit the japanese webpage. click the button and download the PDF. Don’t worry, it is free of charge but you might need to send it to printing shop for bigger size, I don’t think A4 is enough, preferably A3 paper size.

Buttons to download Revorama

Within the webpage, click the 3 pink buttons to download the Revorama.