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SD Poison Part 1: SDX Neo Black Dragon & Wizard Nu Gundam

Hi guys, how is everyone doing? I believe quite a few of us received some cash (ang pao money), even Bandai knows that… so they prepared a release list and give us a very good reason to spend them XD. Might not appeal to everyone but I’m deeply poisoned by the SDX Neo Black Dragon and Wizard Nu Gundam.

SDX Neo Black Dragon

Bandai SDX Neo Black Dragon
Bandai SDX Neo Black Dragon
February 27 2010 release. 5,775yen. Hoho… how could I miss this? Neo Black Dragon + Versal Knight Gundam = Superior Dragon. It is better to have good and bad characters so we can have better diorama and better story telling.

SDX Wizard Nu Gundam

Bandai SDX Wizard Nu Gundam
May 2010 release. 5,565yen. I believe Knight Zeta, Double Zeta and maybe F90 from
SD Knight Gaiden will annouce soon… Better store more cash for these SD series…

SDX Mask Commander Gundam

Bandai SDX Mask Commander Gundam
March 2010 release. 6,090yen. Luckily I’m not a big fans of SD Gundam Force series, so I will skip this.

It is late now… I’ll write part 2 later. Part 2 is up! Going introduce a very cool SD series!