SDX Gundams are back!!! Knight Zeta, Musha, Round Knight!

It was quite some a few months that Bandai SDX line didn’t announce any new Gundam… until the Tamashii 2010 Exhibition! The upcoming SDX Gundams after Ryubi are Knight Zeta (with horse), Round Knight, Chouun and one of the Musha general Gundam, which I have no idea how to translate its Japanese Kanji name XD.

Bandai SDX new Gundam on Tamashii 2010 Exhibition

Bandai SDX Gundam Knight Zeta at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
SD Knight Gaiden – Knight Zeta Gundam with his horse. Must buy.

Bandai SDX Gundam Round Knight at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
Round Knight Gundam. Seems like very little accessories. Can consider but I’m didn’t really into his series…

Bandai SDX Gundam Round Knight at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
Round Knight Gundam second Form?

Bandai SDX Chouun Gundam (Sangokuden) at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
Sangokuden – Chouun Gundam. How come I didn’t see his Hieisen (his beloved horse)? Hmm If I buy this mean I have to get Ryubi Gundam as well…

Bandai SDX Musha General Gundam (unknown name) at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
The black drawings are one of the Musha General Gundam, which is still under development. According to HK Toy forums it is one of the legendary popular General Gundam that never release any plastic model kit before. Many Musha Gundam fans are extremely excited over its release.

I’m more curious about the SD Musha Gundam at the bottom, is it SDX or just normal plastic kit?

Update: SDX Musha Gundam

Bandai SDX Musha Gundam at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
Yay! It is the epic SDX Musha Gundam!

A word from the big fans of SD Gundam

I was depressed where quite a few of my collection lines disappointed me few months ago. I temporary dropped Kaiyodo Revoltech series, and the SDX line was quiet. Just when everyone thought SDX line is dead… good news came :P. Hopefully Bandai put more effort into this line and the fans can really support its outstanding quality.

All picture taken from toysdaily forum.