Super Robot Gakuen & Super Robot Wars Neo Promo Video

Super Robot Wars Neo - Shin Getter Robo

New Super Robot Wars (a.k.a Super Robot Taisen) games are coming soon! Banpresto released 2 promo videos for its 2 new games, Super Robot Gakuen and Super Robot Wars Neo. Unlike the usual Super Robot Wars, both of them come with new game play, let’s hope that it will entertain the mecha fans :P.

Super Robot Gakuen (NDS)

In Super Robot Gakuen, you will role play as a student of the gakuen (school), where you needs to build a tag team with your favourite mecha (King Gainer <3). There are quite a few original characters (pretty girls included) as the students in the school for you to challenge. Think of it as Pokemon, with school setting and you get to train your mecha. Let us train our mecha like Pokemon on August 27 2009. Mazinger, I choose you~ *LOL*.

Super Robot Wars Neo (Wii)

This reminds me of the Super Robot Wars64 on Nintendo64 long long time ago. Good try on the 3D although I would prefer 2D battle scene (Z is awesome!). From the trailer, they removed the “square boxes moving system” and it moves like warcraft3. There are quite a few new titles added to SRW Neo but too bad I don’t love them as much. This game will release on October 29 2009.