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What?! Revoltech XAN, EVA 01 and EVA 02 gonna re-release?

Not long ago I mentioned that I just bought a Kaiyodo Revoltech XAN with quite a high price from eBay. It is definitely a great figure and I love it very much. However, today when I was surfing eBay, I can’t hold back but saying WTH?! loud.

Kaiyodo Revoltech XAN

Kaiyodo Revoltech XAN is selling at US$60 in eBay

Why? How can this happen? The price was pretty high last few months and suddenly have such price in the market. I went through the Revoltech Express blog and found out that Dengeki is having a limited re-release on Kaiyodo Revoltech XAN. Now that explains why the value suddenly drop. But hey, it is a good news for you guys, at least it is much affordable now. Let me go to a corner and *sob sob*…

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.67 EVA 01 and No.68 EVA 02 re-release on October 1 2009

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.067 EVA 01 and No.068 EVA 02 (Evangelion 2.0 version)

Great news guys, Kaiyodo is re-releasing the Evangelion 2.0 version of Revoltech EVA 01 and EVA 02. Don’t miss it again, call your favourite toy shop if you haven’t get one!