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Art of Gundam Customization, You Can Do It Too

Gundam Customization - Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi Gundam

Do you remember I did an interview with Jayster, a Gundam Modeler quite some time ago? Well I’m not surprise if you don’t know, since most of you don’t even know my blog exist. Anyway, although Jayster is not award winning super awesome Gundam Modeler, but I admire his effort to design unique colour scheme, build it and even make Sangokuden stop motion out of it! Check out His latest work – Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi!


BB Senshi Sangokuden Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi

That’s a nice one Jayster. He kitbashed the Gundam model kit parts of SD Sangokuden Emperor Ryubi and HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam’s wing to mod his Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi. I like the fire look and the concept of Maple colour scheme. It gives the overall Gundam looks presentable without the imbalance feeling. How do you think?

As you see from Jayster’s works, it doesn’t requires great high end pla-plate or painting skills. A little bit of patience and creativity with lots of practice will definitely bring you to another level. Ever dream of your own unique Gundam? Start one now! If you have any custom Gundam works, feel free to let me know in Facebook.

If you want to know more about him and his work, check my interview post with Jayster.