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ES Gokin Goshogun and Jeeg User Review

ES Gokin Jeeg and Goshogun Review

Enough with the official photo poison, now is the time for real hands on review. However it is not me that wrote the review since I did not order ES-01 Goshogun and ES-02 Jeeg. The 2 SD Super Robot figures are review by Otakuhaiyuu. There are a lot of interesting photos and size comparison.

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ES Gokin 01 Goshogun User Review

ES Gokin 01 Goshogun Review

It seems like ES-01 Goshogun paint job is so good even the small details are nicely painted. Please click on the photo to view the review

ES Gokin 02 Jeeg & Panzeriod User Review

ES Gokin 02 Jeeg and Panzeriod Review

Hahahahahhah… Go Jeeg go! Crash the Billy with your arm LOL. Also click on the photo to see how ES-02 Jeeg smash Billy LOL…