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Mecha Toy: Revoltech No.066 Gurren & Lagann

To continue the famous Revoltech Yamaguchi series, Revoltech Gurren & Lagann (No.066) was released on June 1 2009 with the price of 2,400 Yen. Horray! After few months of waiting since December 2008, Revoltech is back with more action figure!! More mecha for me!! My dream to have Revoltech Robot Wars is getting closer and closer *giggle* *Buy Buy Buy* *Wallet empty* *Cries*

Let us go through the Revoltech Gurren & Lagann together, good stuff are meant to share =D

Overview of Revoltech Gurren & Lagann

packaging of Revoltech No.066 Gurren & Lagann

The packaging of the item.

items in Revoltech No.066 Gurren & Lagann

Items in the box: Gurren x 1, Gurren’s hand x 6, Gurren’s body part with sunglasses x 1, sunglasses (weapon) x 1, Lagann x 1, additional Lagann’s face x 1, Lagann’s hands with drill x 2, a mini drill for Lagann’s “Lagann Impact”, Revoltech stand, a transparent-orange colour case, a Revoltech Chip and a Assemble Borg miniature test figure.

Revoltech Gurren holding its sunglasses

This Gurren seems funny. It makes me happy too =D

Close up view of Revoltech Gurren's head

The paint job is thick and uneven for the forehead area =(

Close up view of Revoltech Gurren's body

The body parts (face), no matter how I tweak it, it looks happy to me.

Revoltech Gurren's shoulder, the proof of Gurren Dan!

The shoulder plate with the Gurren Dan logo, it printed quite well.

Revoltech Gurren's arm with the revoltech joint

I like this part. Gurren’s arm, the Revoltech Joint hides well with the additional parts.

Revoltech Gurren's legs with the revoltech joint

The legs, they are big. Unlike other Revoltech like Eva series, the foot is big so it can stand better.

Lagann that comes along with Revoltech Gurren

Lagann, it is so small. The arms and legs are rotatable.

Lagann that comes along with Revoltech Gurren and its parts

The additional parts for Lagann. We can change its face and change the arms with drills!

a transparent case that comes with Revoltech Gurren.

A free transparent-orange colour case for us to put the hands and parts. I like this idea, at least i have a thing to store them.

Revoltech Gurren holding a sunglasses fighting with Revoltech Enkidu.

Gurren vs Enkidu. Reminds me of how Gurren laughs while throwing rocks to Enkidu.

the black plastic that comes along with Revoltech Gurren
A free assemble borg mini figure that comes along with Revoltech Gurren

The freebies in the black packaging. An assemble borg bad guy mini figure. Beware that the joint is NOT rotatable.


Overall the quality of Revoltech Gurren is consider ok with the price paying for it. Although not many people like it but it makes me happy especially with the funny facial expression. With Revoltech Joint the figure to be highly posable (so I can use it to make funny poses later). The quality of the action figure is around the same as previous Revoltech series but it comes with more items. Although the paint job is slightly better but still I don’t like the glossy paint =(. If you are a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fans maybe can get this one for the fun of it.

It is my target to have a set of Revoltech Gurren Lagann Mechas

My current Revoltech Gurren Lagann series consist of Gurren & lagann, Gurren Lagann, Gurren Lagann Full Drillzed, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Lazengann, Enki, Enkidu & Enkidudu. Upcoming Revoltech Mecha for July 1 2009 will be Revoltech No. 070 Arc Gurren Lagann and Revoltech No. 071 Chouginga Gurren Lagann (a.k.a. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann) on July 15 2009. Basically I gave up on the Wonder Fest Limited Edition Metalic Gurren Lagann and the one with glowing core drill. The price is just mad where it matches Chogokin… I don’t think the price is worth the quality / uniqueness since i have the normal Gurren Lagann.

By the way, When I was getting the Revoltech Gurren & Lagann, I saw Revoltech Reina (Queen’s Blade series) that released on the same day and it looks quite good. Few days later the shop owner told me that he sold more than 40+ box of Reina… I guess the fan service “armor-detach” feature is very appealing to collectors…