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New Revoltech Photos from Wonder Festival 2009 (Summer)!

OMG! Just saw the news on Wonder Festival 2009 (summer), they have so many new interesting figurines! The new Revoltech figures are shown in the event, including my most-wanted Revoltech Arbalest from Full Metal Panic! I hope they release Phantom, Savage, Behemoth and M9 too =). I had gathered some photos from the internet, enjoy!

Photos of New Revoltech Figurines at Wonder Festival 2009 (summer)

New Revoltech Eva 01 berserk mode movie edition from Wonder Festival 2009 (summer)

Wow! If you are not satisfied with the Revoltech No. 067 EVA-01, this berserk mode of EVA-01 will freak you out. I believe it is the new design for the new movie where EVA-01 ate the 14th Angel.

New Revoltech Dancouga from Wonder Festival 2009 (summer)

The Retro Mecha, Dancouga! I got the new remake anime with me. I’ll watch it later.

New Revoltech Arbalest Prototype from Wonder Festival 2009 (summer)

YESHHHH!! It is Revoltech No.082 Arbalest!!!!! Although it is just a prototype but I’m happy. At last my Revoltech Laevatein has a new comrade to join him. The release date will be December 15 2009, High Five for Full Metal Panic’s fans!

Photos from Hobbystock.com