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Overman King Gainer Outdoor Photoshoot!

Overman King Gainer outdoor photo

Yay! First try on outdoor photoshoot. Today I made a trip to China Square Central with my first Revoltech figure, Overman King Gainer. After getting the new loots, I tried some outdoor photoshoot with King Gainer, Drossel and a mysterious figure (Who is he??).

Outside China Square Central with King Gainer

Overman King Gainer outdoor photo

Nice to meet you! I’m King Gainer!.
B-Mecha: Hmm something is not right…

Overman King Gainer outdoor photo

Nevermind, It should be some random bug. Just take another photo.
B-Mecha: What’s the thing behind your shoulder?! O__o

Overman King Gainer outdoor photo

Welcome to China Square Central! My master’s favourite place to get toys :D.

Meet Drossel, the long seperated sister of King Gainer??

Figma Drossel outdoor photo

Hi, I’m Drossel. Nice to meet you *wink*

Figma Drossel and King Gainer outdoor photo

Brother and sister? Anyway, welcome to Singapore!
(B-Mecha:Drossel is so cute!)

Lunch time in a Hong Kong Food Restaurant

After China Square Central, me and storybookpuppy had lunch in a Hong Kong Food Restaurant. I ordered my favourite Curry Chicken Noodles and King Gainer was very happy with the dish.

Overman King Gainer with Curry Noodle

Weee. I love Curry!

Overman King Gainer with Curry Noodle

Let’s have some now! *stir*

B-Mecha: I’m hungry, give me back my spoon…

Overman King Gainer with mysterious figure

The mysterious figure shows up! He is following us all the time?! Oh no He has camera! He must be a stalker! Read the side story of the mysterious figure (by storybookpuppy)

This trip is another shopping spree T__T, bought a Figma Drossel and a Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy. Storybookpuppy bought 2 Nendoroid Sebastian. The figure looks very good. The outdoor photoshoot great! It is so much fun and there are more things to play around :D Let me plan another round of photoshoot in the near future…