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Sousei No Aquarion Sequel - Aquarion EVOL

When you talk about Gattai (combine), the most GAH ver belongs to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The most classic Gattai are Getter Robo & Voltron. But the most ENTERTAINING ver MUST BE Genesis of Aquarion (Sousei No Aquarion)!!! Now they are back to feed us eye candy with its sequel Aquarion EVOL! Watch the trailer here.


Aquarion EVOL Promotion Video #1

Aquarion EVOL Trailer #2 (More visual!)

Sousei No Aquarion Sequel - Aquarion EVOL

The Aquarion EVOL story take place 12,000 years after the 1st Aqurion TV series (or the super gay Holy Genesis Gattai…), where the characters believe to be the reincarnation of the previous batch, including Apollo & Silvia. That point is pretty clear when the trailer showed the Apollo-ish enemy that pilots some custom made Fallen Angel unit. If Apollo becomes the bad guy I’ll be very interested.

Sousei No Aquarion Sequel - Aquarion EVOL

New Solar Aquarion in Aquarion EVOL! The background of this concept art is Hong Kong I think…

Sousei No Aquarion Sequel - Aquarion EVOL

2 girls + 1 guy setting. Ahem ahem…. ok the 2 main girls are very cute… somehow this combination is quite popular after the success Macross Frontier. However this 2 girls, especially the purple hair are my type! <3. I shall update my favourite Mecha Heroines list. FYI Ranka & Sheryl didn’t make it to my list :P.

Aquarion EVOL Official websites

  • http://www.aquarionevol.com/
  • http://ameblo.jp/aqevol