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Broken Blade (Break Blade) Anime Review

After Months of waiting, at last Broken Blade (a.k.a. Break Blade) Anime OVA is out! I’m quite surprise to see Klock Work is involved in Broken Blade Anime production. That should explain the Golem’s smooth actions. Well there are good and bad about the anime… Let me share some of my thoughts. BTW, let me apologize for the inconsistency of character names in the previous posts since there was few versions of them XD.

Broken Blade Trailer

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Title
The japanese title is “Break Blade”, and the english is written “Broken Blade” =.=.

Broken Blade Anime Storyline

Overall it follows exactly like the manga’s story (and the fan service too!). Broken Blade Episode 1 covers from Cleo attacked Krisna, until the 2nd sortie of Dirfinge. A bit draggy for a 50 minutes episode though (thanks to some flash backs). Not gonna touch much of the storyline since many of us should have read the manga or in case you haven’t, just watch the anime and enjoy ^^. This is what I learn from previous experience, read manga/book as spoiler will only reduce the fun of the anime/movie.

Broken Blade Anime Quality

The movie itself is near movie quality, but I think the background is kinda overdo it. The photo-realistic background is impressive but it makes the character looks very simple. There are motion graphics showing magic travel from human blood vessel (nerves?) into the machine’s parts, in order to explain how the pilot control the Golem. It also reminds me of some Marvel’s movie title sequence, like the one in Spiderman.

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Motion Graphic
Did this reminds you of Spiderman?

I like the great improvement on the human movements and expressions. Compare to the manga version, where the character movement seems slower and soft, those in anime are much lively with more expressions (Hooray for better fan service!). BUT! The girls’ faces are a bit out of place! ARGH, I WANT THE MANGA VERSION OF CLEO AND SIGYN!!!

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Sigyn Erster with gun
Sigyn Erster <3. Lovely look even with guns pointing at you =D

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Cleo's Fan Service
*cough* *cough* Cleo’s “mountains”. I nearly choke when I saw this while having my dinner.

Golem Battle Scenes
Although Golems move kinda slow, but the battle remains exciting with various camera angle and detailed movement of the whole mecha. I’m not sure why but the Golem seems bigger in the anime. How do you feel regarding the Golem’s size? Dirfinge didn’t perform much in this episode, personally I like the starting part where Artemis VS Fenrir. The heavy metal impact and knight duel ROCKS!

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Rygart Arrow's Dirfinge VS Zess's Artemis
Rygart Arrow’s Dirfinge VS Zess’s Artemis. The main machine didn’t do much in episode 1.

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Krisna's Fenrir VS Athen's Artemis
Krisna’s Fenrir VS Athen’s Artemis. Knight fight!

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Robot Anime - Krisna's Fenrir in formation
Krisna’s Fenrir <3 Grunt Unit with formation > Idiotic hero

Broken Blade Anime BGM and SFX

Maybe I’m too used to laser beam and explosion, and I don’t see them in Broken Blade Anime (they are using metal sticks for shooting), so the sound effect might not be as exciting. BGM… It only play at certain scene and personally I don’t like them. Opening is so so and the Ending theme is quite out of place? Maybe I’m too picky @__@.


It is definitely a good anime to watch, with unique world setting, non-mainstream mecha design and some beauties =P. While we enjoy the fancy mecha anime like Gundam Unicorn and Gundam OO, this is a fresh ones that stands out of others. I would suggest Break Blade to new mecha lover, so I can spread more poison for them to understand the wonder of different mecha!