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Eureka Seven (Anime TV Series)

Eureka Seven Anime TV series introduction

Due to the high demand on mecha anime series recommendation, I’ll write some highly recommended mecha anime introduction post (btw, I’m not that good in writing reviews). My recommendation will mainly focus on less popular / older anime, like Eureka Seven is one of the anime that emphasized more on “love” and “youth growth” in a realistic way.

Eureka Seven Anime TV Series Opening

Introduction of Eureka Seven Anime TV Series

Eureka Seven Anime TV series introduction

Renton Thurston and Nirvash Type Zero

Synopsis of Eureka Seven

The Eureka Seven episode 1 started where Renton Thurston, a teenager boy that always dream to do something special. At one night Nirvash Type Zero crashes into his house, he met Eureka, the heroine of this anime and fall in love with her (love on first sight). Eventually Renton joins his dream surfing team, Gekkostate and started his journey of love and saving the world without knowing what he is actually doing.

In this 50 episodes anime, The earlier part focus on daily life of Renton interacting with other members of Gekkostate. This is the part where Eureka starts to learn about emotion and attracted by Renton’s pure and innocent mindset (clumsiness?). At this point there isn’t much development on the storyline and you might feel a bit draggy.

As the story goes on, the anime touched on the real purpose of Gekkostate and why they are fighting the military. Renton discovered the harsh truth about dark side Gekkostate and Eureka’s true identity. Renton couldn’t bear with the emotional struggle of what he did and the burden with the team, he left Gekkostate.

During the journey, he learnt about what is love and life really about. Especially the part where he meets Charles and Ray in a town and adopted as their child. This is the part where Renton truly understand his emotion and determined to protect Eureka, the person he truly loves.

The outline above basically covers 60-70% of the storyline. To avoid spoilers, I’ll stop the story outline here and won’t review the last 40%, so you can have more surprises and better touch from the Eureka Seven anime series.

Concept of Eureka Seven

From the synopsis above, Eureka Seven’s story doesn’t relate much to mecha fight. This is the unique part of Eureka Seven. Nirvash Type Zero and other LFO represent the idea of communication between different living beings, however human misunderstand their existence and uses them as the tool of war.

Eureka Seven Anime TV series introduction - Renton and Eureka

Eureka and Renton

On the surface level, Eureka Seven is the love story between Renton and Eureka. How they get to meet each other, learning the emotional burden, accepting the one they love and work together for a common goal. You get to feel the character development of a teenager becoming adult by embracing the reality of life and fight for their goal.

This anime is unique where the character’s feeling and reaction in Eureka Seven are much more realistic compared to our daily life. Some of the viewer will say “Renton sucks” which is very true for a mecha anime main lead. From a different point of view, Renton is just another teenager boy and it is not surprising for his behaviour.

Eureka Seven TV Anime, Movie and Manga

Eureka Seven Manga vol 1 cover

Eureka Seven Manga Vol 1 Cover

Those who read my blog long time ago might have read my post on Eureka Seven Movie – Pocket Full Of Rainbows. Bear in mind that, the storyline for Eureka Seven’s manga and anime movie is very different from the TV anime series itself. In the movie there is a few glimpse of the TV series’s ending. Basically you can treat them as the alternative world with different storyline of Eureka Seven. But my favourtie still the TV Anime series and I would recommend my readers to watch it before the other 2.