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Mecha Video: Macross Frontier The Movie Trailer

Anime Macross Frontier the movie - VF 25 Messiah
My favourite Anime series Macross Frontier is coming to cinema! After watching the TV series last year, I’m so impressed by the character, story, mecha design, battle scenes and the music. The 3D battle scene is great! It is a 4.5/5 stars Anime., if you can’t wait for the movie, please get the TV series DVD :P. Enjoy the trailer below:

Macross Frontier The Movie Trailer

Updates on Macross Frontier The Movie

According to animenewsnetwork.com, the new name of the movie will be “Gekijo-ban Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ (Macross Frontier the Movie: The False Songstress)” and it will be in theater on November 21 2009. There will be new trailer release on June 27 2009. I’ll keep an eye on it so please stay tune for the new updates :D

Overview of Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier, the human migration spaceship fleet that travels across the galaxy to search for a new planet for mankind. While Macross Frontier is traveling, they encounter a new species Vajra, and the war between Vajra and human has started…

Alto Saotome, high school student in the Mihoshi Academy Pilot Training course met the 2 Singers Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome… and started the triangle relationship between them. In order to protect them (and Macross Frontier), Alto join a private military group SMS and become the pilot of VF-25 Messiah. Why Vajra want to attack Macross Frontier? Will Macross Frontier find a new planet? Who will be Alto’s girl friend?

How about the storyline of the movie?

Based on the trailer, I believe it is a compressed version of the 25 episode TV series Macross Frontier with new scene and slight tweak of the storyline. Hopefully they can cut it properly without spoiling the original concept too much. I have high expectation on this!!!

Interesting Mecha / Robot Design in the series

  • VF-25F Messiah
  • V-9 Ghost Fighter
  • VF-171 Nightmare Plus
  • Macross Quarter Carrier
  • Macross Frontier
  • Macross Galaxy

In future post I’ll look for more pictures to introduce the robots. Currently I have a lot of cool Revoltech action figures to features in BMecha.com. If you have any additional info regarding Macross Frontier The Movie, please tell me so I can update this post.