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Super Robot Crossover! Dynamic Super Robots Grand Battle

Super Robot Cross Over! Dynamic Super Robots Grand Battle

Can you feel the blood pulse?! This is a video clip of the Nagai Go Dynamic Super Robot Team! Dynamic Super Robot Team is a Super Robot Alliance which all the members are designed by Nagai Go. Among the team, there is Mazinger Z, Aphrodite A, Mazinkaiser, God Mazinger, Great Mazinger, Venus A, Steel Jeeg, Getter Dragon, Shin Getter, Grendizer, Gloizer X, Govarian and the beloved Boss Borot.

If I’m not wrong this 3 Super Robot short clips should come together with the anime DVD of Neo Getter VS Shin Getter. That explains why the video is so sharp. I love the retro music, especially the Mazinger theme! What do you think of this video?

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Summery of the Dynamic Super Robots Grand Battle video clip

Part 1 – *Mazinger Theme song starts* The poor Mazinger Z got himself gang-banged by the machine beasts at the very early of the clip *stares at Aphrodite A and the Boss Borot that hide at a corner =..=* And the Dynamic Super Robot Team came for rescue!

Part 2 – *Great Mazinger Theme song starts* Great Mazinger, Venus A, Getter Dragon, God Mazinger, Steel Jeeg, Gloizer Z and Govarian managed to kick some machine beats assess with their signature moves. With the strong justice force, Great Mazinger dashed forward and slayed the machine beasts. Just when he going to save Aphrodite A, the boss, Dark General appereared!

Part 3 – *Grendizer Theme song starts* All the Super Robots (other than Venus A and Boss Borot) got trashed. Just when Aphrodite A almost die for good, Shin Getter 1 chopped the Dark General Arm! At the same time, Grendizer quickly saved our beloved hostage from the evil’s hand. Critical hit! The Giant Getter Tomahawk just sliced the enemy’s chest and Grendizer defeat the enemy with its javelin.

Just when everything seems over, the Dark General turned into a evil red flame! *Mazinger Theme song starts* Meanwhile Mazinkaiser is launching from Photon Lab! The Dynamic Super Robots Grand Battle video clip ended when Mazinkaiser reached the battle field…