Lelouch VS Suzaku – PSP Super Robot Wars Z 2 Trailer 2

Code Geass - Lelouch VS Suzaku in Super Robot Wars Z 2

New battle scenes trailer for Super Robot Wars Z 2. Unlike the previous SRW Z 2 video, this trailer features many battle scenes of all the participated anime robot title like Macross Frontier, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Code Geass. It seems like we will be controlling Lelouch instead of Suzaku!


PSP Super Robot Wars Z 2 Trailer 2

See Lelouch VS Suzaku at 1:14. I want more gahness from Gurren Lagann and kick ass strategy from Code Geass! The Alto’s VF-25 battle moves somehow look much more exaggerated than the anime itself. I don’t remember when he is so good in piloting mecha =..=

Overall the Super Robot Wars Z 2 battle scenes are very promising and nothing like PSP. Although there are reuse animation from previous Super Robot Wars title but the quality is too good to be true :D. There are also many pretty anime heroins in one single Super Robot Wars game. My favourite girls are Lunamaria, Nia, Yoko, Karen, Feldt, Ranka, Sheryl… Are you excited? Let’s MOE!!!

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