Mecha Game: SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2 and Wii) Trailer 2009.06.19

SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2 and Wii)
SD Gundam G Generation Wars is a great game for Gundam Lovers to enjoy controlling a group of their favourite Mobile Suits (MS). Featuring more than 30 Gundam Series, including novel, anime, game, comic and original series with more than 700 MS in 1 single game! Although the game uses SD Gundam (like Super Robot Wars) instead of of the original size , but that’s the characteristic and charisma of the game.

As I played some of the previous versions of SD Gundam G Generation, the CG movie and the in game graphic improved so much where the game’s battle scene could be more appealing compare to the anime. Don’t you think the 3D SD Gundams are so cute yet so cool?

SD Gundam G Generation Wars Trailer (PS2 and Wii)

Gundam Series that featured in SD Gundam G Generation Wars

  • Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Z Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 Wars in the Pocket
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack
  • Mobile Suit Gundam F91
  • Mobile Suit V Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • After War Gundam X
  • Turn A Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E. 73 -Stargazer-
  • Mobile Suit Gundam OO
  • Gundam Sentinel
  • Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO The Hidden One Year War
  • Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO -Apocalypse 0079-
  • Advance of Z The Flag of Titans
  • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
  • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart
  • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: The Steel Seven
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash
  • Mobile Suit Gundam F90
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula 91
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story
  • MSV
  • G Generation Original

But I don’t know most of the Gundam Series…

It is ok, personally I only knows about 70% of the Gundam list. This can be a great chance for us to discover other great Gundam series! That’s how I discover other japan robot series as well. Super Robot Wars (Super Robot Taisen) and SD Gundam G Generation are my main source of Robot Info while I was a young kid. I love Advance of Z and Gundam Sentineland they have great mechincal design. Too bad they only appear in visual guidebook and the novel which hardly to get in normal books store.

G Generation Wars’s Release Date and Freebies

SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2 and Wii) Freebies
SD Gundam G Generation Wars will be release for PS2 and Wii on August 6 2009 *time to save money*. A guidebook that features the Mobile Suits in the game will be included if customer pre-order the game *I want that*.

For more information, you can visit the SD Gundam G Generation Wars Official Website. Logo and Guidebook images are taken from the Official site.