MechQuest, a free browser based online mecha game

MechQuest, a free online browser base mecha game

Last week I have a friend from US introduced me MechQuest, a free browser based online mecha game. Although I’m not really interested for online game but I think it is a pretty convenient entertainment for robot lovers to have fun.

What is MechQuest?

MechQuest is a free browser based online game with typical sci-fi theme. The game allows player to explore the planets and build your own mecha to fight against enemies that you encountered. Below are a short trailer to let you know more about the game.

Although the quality isn’t as good as other beautiful 3D online games, but it is convenient to play especially during the time boss not around, or nothing to do during lunch break. We love mecha anyway, might as well fill our time with more mecha game, since it is free :P. The mecha design is more towards western style so if you want to try it please visit http://www.mechquest.com/.

B-Mecha is back from real life routine!

Hi guys I’m back! As my previous post mentioned, I’m sick for quite some time. Although my cough is somehow recovered early last week, I was slacking busy with work and activities (even now i’m busier than ever). But thank you for your great support to BMecha.com, more photoshoots and figurines will be cover here. And thanks again for concerning my health ;). Next post should be my new Revoltech Getter Dragon and Neo Getter photoshoot, need to bring them out for a good walk hahaha.