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Eureka Seven (Anime TV Series)

Eureka Seven Anime TV series introduction

Due to the high demand on mecha anime series recommendation, I’ll write some highly recommended mecha anime introduction post (btw, I’m not that good in writing reviews). My recommendation will mainly focus on less popular / older anime, like Eureka Seven is one of the anime that emphasized more on “love” and “youth growth” in a realistic way.

Nirvash Type 0 (Eureka Seven) – The First Surf Board Mecha?

Eureka Seven Nirvash Type 0

When I was watching Eureka Seven (TV series), the Trapar Wave concept attracted me. It is a special particle in the air that allows the mechas to “surf” in the air with a gigantic surf board. The “surf and fight” movements are very refreshing, especially how Nirvash dodged the homing missiles. The fast pace movement and camera angles make it so exciting to watch! Many of my friends were impressed by the new surfing concept, but sorry to disappoint them, Nirvash Type 0 is not the first one who fights with a surfboard.

Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows Review

Eureka Seven Movie's Music Collection Cover

3 years after Eureka Seven TV series end, Bones released Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows (a.k.a Eureka Seven the movie) with a new concept and storyline. I just finished watching it not long ago and it is a great movie! As a great fan of Eureka Seven, I have decided to write a short review and share some of my thoughts. Before I start the review, please watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen one :)