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Nendoroid Petit Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee

Nendoroid Petit Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier

O.O Whooo… Since Macross Frontier’s characters are very active in Ichiban Kuji series, I thought they won’t release Nendoroid version. But somehow they made it! Good Smile Company is releasing 3 Nendoroid Petit Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome (White Rabbit Ver & Black Rabbit Ver from the Macross Frontier Movie) and Ranka Lee (Magical Girl Ver, seems new). For the moment I only found this low res scan. I’ll make another update when there is more photos available.

Nendoroid Drossel X Tachikoma

Nendoroid Drossel X Tachikoma

Let me introduce you my new partners, Nendoroid Drossel and her butler Tachikoma! When Drossel first reached my room, both of them argue a lot and even start fighting each other! Just when I thought things would go wrose… I’ll let the photos do the story telling…

B-Mecha @ Anime Festival Asia 2009 Part 1

AFA 2009 Entrance

Today is Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA) day 1! I reached Suntec Convention Centre around 11am and it so crowded! I took me almost 1 hour to que for the ticket. When I’m inside, it is almost 12pm… Anyway, it is so huge compare to AFA 2008. There are a lot more booths, company and figurines to milk the anime fans! Let’s go and see how they milk us!

The Demon King is back! MAX Alloy Mazinkaiser!

Max Alloy Mazinkaiser die-cast metal action figure

I suppose the latest mecha anime – Shin Mazinger Z hen brings back the new and old fans’ burning passion for Nagai Go’s Mazinger Z series. The Big Bang Punch really kick ass, but let us not forget the mighty demon king. Max Factory is going to bring back (re-release) this godly demon mecha – MAX Alloy Mazinkaiser with die cast metal, upon the calling of great mecha followers.