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Anime Festival Asia X Toy Sales!

Anime Festival Asia X Event Exclusive Offers
Tomorrow is the day for Anime Festival Asia X (a.k.a. AFA X). The X stands for 2010 and this is the one of the biggest anime event in South East Asia! If you read my previous coverage on AFA 2009, we see maid cafe, anime singers, special guest, cosplayers, anime concert and my favourite anime toy sales! Although this year they will have the movie screening of Gundam OO the Movie, but I prefer to look at the special offers by the toy shops ^^. These are the main targets that I will visit.

Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 part 1

Bandai Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 - Gundam Fiesta ESFS Gundam Image Girls
Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 here I come~~ Muahaha Gundam Freebies! 20% Bandai Gundam Model Discount! HGUC Delta Plus! 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Hand! SDX Sangokuden Ryubi! Awww too many things to feature. Most of my coverage will be the upcoming Gundam Models and some new figures. There will be multiple posts hope to cover the events as much as possible. So far as I see I’m the one that with the most Gundam Girls photos =D

Gundam OO The Movie Trailer with new Gundams!

Gundam OO the movie, Gundam OO Qan[T] and Setsuna F Seiei

Yes this is one of the first trailer of the Gundam OO The Movie!!! The earlier part of the video features the pre-production crew, discussing the idea and concept for the new Gundam. At the second half of the video we get to see the new gundams for the next year’s Gundam OO the movie! Special thanks to Matt with the youtube links.