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Gundam + Gundam Girl Wedding Dinner @ Taiwan

Gundam + Gundam Girl Wedding Dinner @ Taiwan

If you think Gundam Cosplay is a rare sight, this Gundam Wedding will definitely blows your mind. This newly wed couple are hardcore Gundam + Cosplay fans. For their wedding, they have chosen a theme that match them the most, Gundam Cosplay Wedding Suits. Those suits are Exia Gundam (groom) + RX-78-2 Gundam Girl (bride) + Zeta Plus Amuro Custom (the flower girl).

Anime Festival Asia X Part 1: Anime Toy Booth

Anime Festival Asia X - Entrence

Hi guys, I’m back from Anime Festival Asia X. By the time I finish this post AFA X should be over. Unlike previous AFA, I only went for day 1 and managed to take some photos of the booths, sales and the cosplayers. There are many surprises and disappointment in this year’s event. My coverage will focus on the event area and part 1 is mainly about the new anime figures, toy sales and the event exclusive items.

SDX Gundam Divine Mobile Suit Gunlex

Bandai SDX Divine Mobile Suit Gunlex from SD Gundam Knight Gaiden series
SDX Gunlex??!!!! ARRGHHHHHHH BANDAIIIII! This surprise is a bit toooooooo much!!! It has been ages since I saw the Divine Mobile Suit Gunlex from SD Gundam Knight Gaiden series. Previously I saw the plastic model when I was 10, and it doesn’t look good… but now I can have the SDX version! It is so huge! Can I put my Knight Gundam inside? =D