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Mazinkaizer SKL Episode 1 – Death Caprice Anime Review

Mazinkaizer SKL Episode 1 - Death Caprice Anime Review

The standard loser line, “I’LL WAIT FOR YOU IN HELLLLL!!!”. Ryou & Ken: “NAH… WE ARE HELL!!!!”. My head just gone numb after drowning with so much violent scenes, Mazinkaizer SKL dynamic movment and the group of beauties =P. Just in case you ask where to watch, I bought the Mazinkaizer SKL Starter Pack which includes the Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL and the episode 1 anime – Death Caprice DVD. It is raw so I’ll try my best to write this review.

SD Mazinger Z and Macross Anime Clips

SD Mazinger Z and Macross Anime Clips

While I was looking for some old anime openings, I stumbled this 2 cute robot anime videos, the SD Super Dimensional Fortress Macross anime opening and SD Mazinger Z launching sequence (with Devilman at the end of the show). This really brings back memory when I wasa quite a few of such cute anime on VCD last time. Anyway, enjoy the anime video!

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL (Skull) Starter Pack

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Robot Toy

This is so freaking awesome! Bandai is going to release first Mazinkaizer SKL (Skull) figure, under the recently very hot Super Robot Chogokin series. At last Bandai made a good choice where Super Robot Chogokin is well known for its articulation. However, this Mazinkaizer SKL is Tamashii Web Shop exclusive and it comes with a Mazinkaizer SKL anime episode 1 DVD. Means that either pay higher price or pray for the normal release.

New Mazinger Anime! Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)!

New Mazinger Anime - Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Official Art
While Shin Mazinger Z and the Big Bang Punch slowly cool down in our mind, Nagai Go gave us a new surprise! It is a new Mazinger Anime – Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)! Just stumbled the trailer and the info not long ago (yes I’m a slow poke :P) but anyway, good thing is meant to be shared. Enjoy the teaser!