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New Mazinger Anime! Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)!

New Mazinger Anime - Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Official Art
While Shin Mazinger Z and the Big Bang Punch slowly cool down in our mind, Nagai Go gave us a new surprise! It is a new Mazinger Anime – Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)! Just stumbled the trailer and the info not long ago (yes I’m a slow poke :P) but anyway, good thing is meant to be shared. Enjoy the teaser!

My GF said “Gunbra”…

Bandai SD Sangokuden Gundam Model Cao Pi Gundam

LOL enough slacking for me and Chubbybots even said “Long time no see” in his blog! Better kick my ass and back to blog about mecha. What happen today is that… my GF was bored and I recommended her to do a SD Sangokuden Kit Cao Pi Gundam… At this point, she said “Gunbra” instead of gunpla…

ES Gokin – SD Robot Getter 1, 2 & 3!

Fewture ES Gokin SD Getter 1, Getter 2 & Getter 3

Muahahah more poison for SD Robot fans. Well these figures are announced quite some time ago… but good mecha are meant to be share right? Here come ES Gokin Getter 1, Getter 2 and Getter 3! There are a lot of Getter Robot Chogokin around but… Die-cast SD Getter! How can I miss my Super Robot Wars favourite units?