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Extremely Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Did you hear that? “Please bring me home…”, this skull leader is so adorable… it is calling me to bring it home. Usually I don’t look into designer toys, but this one is just too cute to be ignored. Too bad it is a custom made toy by Rotobox and there is only 1, unless they decide to mass produce it in future. Somebody bought it already… *sob sob* I’ll just look at the photos below…

5 Great Hand-Drawn Mecha Anime that you shouldn’t miss

Gunbuster Mecha Anime

Recently I just joined myanimelist.net. It is a website that allows user to add their anime / manga titles in their profile, and meet other members who watched similar titles. Think of it as Facebook but for anime lovers instead. When I was adding my anime list, I recalled watching a few interesting hand-drawn mecha anime, which I would recommend “young” anime fans to check it out. The anime quality is so great that even someone like me – who is extremely picky for animation quality – is amazed by the efforts of the production team.

Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP) – 3D Macross Battles

macross_ultimate_frontier logo

Did you guys play the Macross Ace Frontier (PSP)? It is a 3D actions game with Macross’s universe, now with more mecha and missions. The player get to control the mecha in the macross series and fight against the enemies! Macross Ultimate Frontier is the upgraded version of the Macross Ace Frontier, which includes more titles, mechas and characters.