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Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 part 1

Bandai Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 - Gundam Fiesta ESFS Gundam Image Girls
Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 here I come~~ Muahaha Gundam Freebies! 20% Bandai Gundam Model Discount! HGUC Delta Plus! 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Hand! SDX Sangokuden Ryubi! Awww too many things to feature. Most of my coverage will be the upcoming Gundam Models and some new figures. There will be multiple posts hope to cover the events as much as possible. So far as I see I’m the one that with the most Gundam Girls photos =D

Unbelievable! RX-78-2 Runner Gundam?!

Mobile Suit RX-78-2 Runner Gundam made out of Gundam Model Kit Runners
Why there are so many holes on this Gundam? *Look closer* Holy Shit! It is RX-78-2 Gundam made out of the Gundam Model Kit leftovers (runners)! O.o And the size is so huge! According to the original creator, It is call Runner Gundam LOL.

Bandai Gundam Kit Promo @ Woodland Metro

Bandai Gundam Kit Promotion @ Woodland Metro Singapore
Right after work, I had a trip to Singapore Woodland Causeway Point. Why? There is a Gundam Fair on 12 July 2009 – 25 July 2009 inside the Metro @ level 3! if you see the poster… some Bandai MG Gundam kits are up to 20% discount! O.o. Well continue to read this post if you want to know some of the price… and don’t blame me for your overspending lol.