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Blogger Outing @ Mascot Parade and Heeren

Toy Blogger Gathering - Toy Mascot Parade
Yesterday was a tiring day! I was invited by Chubbybots to the Mascot Parade at Scape park few days ago. As I know there will be toy booths for the event… but what I really like is the toy blogger outing! So me and my girl friend want to join the fun too! Nice meeting Leon from Open the Toy, Dennis from Collect EM all and Zh3us. We had fun time sharing our thoughts on toys and stuffs. :D

Nendoroid Drossel X Tachikoma

Nendoroid Drossel X Tachikoma

Let me introduce you my new partners, Nendoroid Drossel and her butler Tachikoma! When Drossel first reached my room, both of them argue a lot and even start fighting each other! Just when I thought things would go wrose… I’ll let the photos do the story telling…

Tachikoma + Sushi!

tachikoma + sushi

Yesterday while I was waiting for my friend, I brought the Tachikoma 3 brothers to a famous sushi restaurant in Singapore. Beaten my desire for food, I actually ordered too much for a tea time… A mini Chasoba, Aburi Maguro sushi (tuna), Lobster Salad Sushi, Cheese Salmon Sushi and a cup of green tea. Upon the arrival of the sushis, the tachikomans get so excited and jumping around to “investigate” my meal.