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SD Mazinger Z and Macross Anime Clips

SD Mazinger Z and Macross Anime Clips

While I was looking for some old anime openings, I stumbled this 2 cute robot anime videos, the SD Super Dimensional Fortress Macross anime opening and SD Mazinger Z launching sequence (with Devilman at the end of the show). This really brings back memory when I wasa quite a few of such cute anime on VCD last time. Anyway, enjoy the anime video!

Macross Team, Scramble!

Revoltech VF-1J, VF-1A, VF-1S Skull Leader, VF-1J Max and VF-1J Miria

Whee. My Valkyrie team is complete! It requires some courage to buy the overpriced VF-1J Max and VF-1J Miria. Anyway, my Revoltech is a budget collections compare to those who collect Yamato version (2 Yamato’s Valkyrie = everything in my photo xD). Some little amateur photos from me, enjoy ;D

Extremely Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Did you hear that? “Please bring me home…”, this skull leader is so adorable… it is calling me to bring it home. Usually I don’t look into designer toys, but this one is just too cute to be ignored. Too bad it is a custom made toy by Rotobox and there is only 1, unless they decide to mass produce it in future. Somebody bought it already… *sob sob* I’ll just look at the photos below…