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Want a Mecha Wife? Get a KOS-MOS

Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

Usually I don’t include Human figurines in BMecha.com, well… she is mecha so i’ll introduce her to you guys :D. She is KOS-MOS, a mecha (cyborg?) girl from Xenosaga that can shoot laser beam and have cannons on her hand out of no where. Although I didn’t play the game (No PS2 T___T), but she pawn my mecha senses, a big part of me refuse to recognize her as mecha, that’s why I’m using “She” but not “It”. This huge 1/4 KOS-MOS by Volks is too good to be true!!! In serious temptation to make her into my waifuuuuuu.